Juice Head Desserts Vape Juice Cake Batter


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Nicotine Strength 3mg/6mg
Department Vape Juice
Color Clear Color
Flavor Cake Batter
Brand Juice Head
Design Bottle-style
Weight 115g
Series Desserts
Capacity 100ml

Department: Vape Juice. Immerse yourself in a world of flavor exploration with our meticulously crafted vape juice lineup, where you can expect nothing less than the highest quality and the most mouthwatering taste sensations to satisfy your cravings.

Design: Bottle-style. Experience vaping convenience like never before with our vape juice’s innovative bottle-style packaging, designed for hassle-free refills and maximum flavor enjoyment.

Brand: Juice Head. Discover the world of vaping excellence with Juice Head, a globally renowned vape brand celebrated for its vibrant branding, budget-friendly pricing, top-tier quality, and unmatched flavor profiles.

Nicotine Strength: 3mg/6mg. This product has two different nicotine contents: 3mg/ml, and 6mg/ml. Please purchase according to local policies and your needs. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Minors are prohibited from purchasing.

Series: Juice Head ZTN Desserts. Immerse yourself in the world of dessert-inspired vaping delight with Juice Head ZTN Desserts vape juice, presenting an unparalleled selection of 100ml bottles packed with flavors you love and the trusted quality of Juice Head.

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